GAZORPAZORP – Od vazduha i sunca – CD



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Izdavač: Moonlee Records
Žanr/Muzika: INDIE ROCK

Gazorpazorp's debut “Od vazduha i sunca”’ brings forth five songs permeated by youthful exuberance and the steamy passion of tango. Besides apparent influences from bands like Repetitor and Metz, their sound is a blend of noise rock forcefulness, math rock intricacy, post-punk playfulness, and psychedelic rock experimentalism both in the Yugoslav and Anglo-Saxon traditions. With its modernized rock aesthetic, Gazorpazorp is a band easily comparable to cutting-edge contemporaries like Squid, Black Midi, Oh Sees, Protomartyr and Tropical Fuck Storm. Despite their young age, the songwriting is defined by a sophisticated approach to arrangement, carefully balanced between bursts of frenzy and barely audible passages, and sharp-witted lyrical explorations in Serbian.

Production, recording, mix & mastering: Uroš Milkić
Co-producers: Nikola Mijušković & Boško Mijušković
Recorded @ Down There Studio, Beograd
Design: Andrej Julher

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