Paradise Lost – Symphony For The Lost 2CD


reissue 2015


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First Half With Orchestra
CD1-1 Tragic Idol 5:09
CD1-2 Last Regret 4:58
CD1-3 Your Own Reality 4:22
CD1-4 Over The Madness 5:41
CD1-5 Joys Of Emptiness 4:04
CD1-6 Victim Of The Past 5:13
CD1-7 Soul Courageous 3:46
CD1-8 Gothic 6:21
Second Half Without Orchestra
CD2-1 The Enemy 4:09
CD2-2 Erased 4:02
CD2-3 Isolate 4:12
CD2-4 Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us 5:02
CD2-5 As I Die 4:26
CD2-6 One Second 3:52
CD2-7 True Belief 5:13
CD2-8 Say Just Words 4:45
CD2-9 The Last Time 3:50


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