THE JOHN DANSER OCTET – The Danser Revolution LP


* 70s jazz rock fusion obscurity that resembles the best Chicago Transit Authority, Parliament, Miles Davis, Weather Report, Blood Sweat & Tears tunes of the day
* Even more obscure than the 1973 John Danser‘s Inferno LP
* First pressings fetch insane prices among collectors if they ever turn up
* A legendary yet long lost sacred gem for adventurous listeners packed with wild jams
* London born John Danser was a long time band leader at the Concord hotel New York playing with Sammy Davis Jr., Bob Hope or Judy Garland
* Skilled songwriting results in an utterly catchy album
* Excellent sound and performance by high class professional musicians
* First ever official rerelease outside Japan
* Fully licensed
* Remastered audio
* LP is housed in a superheavy 430 g art carton cover
* Ultimate collectors item for fans of the more adventurous 1970s funky jazz rock

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1 Revelli rock
2 Carmina
3 Talkin‘ pretty / Michelle
4 Boo be da
5 Hullabaloo
6 Monkey
7 Jazz waltz
8 Five X Five
9 Sleigh ride
10 Cool

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Dimenzije 31 × 31 cm


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